Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline for applications?

  • February 14, 2016 at 11:59pm


When will startup companies know if they have been selected for the Pitch Event?

  • By February 24, 2016


Where will the Pitch Event take place?

  • In downtown Toronto.  The venue will be announced in mid-February.


Will CX Innovation cover the cost of travel or other expenses?  

  • No, in order to maximize the cash prizes, CX Innovation cannot cover any of the startups costs.

What are the details of the pilots?

  • The selected startup will have the opportunity to develop and actually launch a pilot for the Compass Group and/or Mercedes-Benz Canada retail environment.  The Compass Group and Mercedes-Benz Canada will work hand-in-hand with the selected startup(s) to refine the product to ensure it is tailored to the needs of Compass and/or Mercedes-Benz.  A formal critical path will be laid out to determine the duration of the pilot, the pilot’s measurement criteria and a detailed step-by-step implementation process.  Once the pilot is concluded, a detailed debrief will be conducted to assess whether the pilot was successful.  The Compass Group and\or Mercedes-Benz Canada will then decide whether the next steps would entail further development, a formal roll-out or not.  

Can one startup win more than one prize?

  • Yes.  Each startup could win up to 4 prizes (Compass pilot, Mercedes-Benz Canada pilot, People’s Choice, and 1st and/or 2nd prize).


What level of business does the startup have to be in before they can apply?

  • It is suggested that the startup have at least one minimum viable product or beta version actively in play in the marketplace and needs to have an infrastructure in place to be able to build/create a full version of their proposed product, product or service if selected for a pilot.


What are the minimum requirements to enter the competition? 

  • Startups must have begun operations after March 1, 2011 and present a product, process or service that improves part or the entire customer experience for automotive or food services companies.  Startups must be incorporated and currently operate in Canada. The majority of the founders must be Canadian citizens who must be available to participate in the Pitch Event on March 1, 2016 in Toronto.


What are the judging criteria? 

  • Team and ability to execute;
  • Solution and impact to customer experience;
  • Level of innovation; and
  • Readiness for pilot

Is a video required in the application?

  • Yes.  The video will only be viewed internally by the selection committee as a means to assess the product and the team.  It does not need to be a video of professional quality.